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Apr 2024

Ongoing database issues
  • Resolved

    As of now the service is restored. We will continue to monitor the service throughout the weekend.

  • Monitoring

    Emergency database maintenance has been completed successfully.

    Unfortunately, due to the nature of the database crash, any changes made to pre-existing integrations will be rolled back to this morning. New servers that joined after the crash should have their integrations preserved.

    Thank you for your continued patience.

  • Investigating

    We have now started the database backup process. During this time, we are reconciling any changes made from this morning's outage. This may take some time to process all of the records.

    We will attempt to save any data received from Twitch, YouTube, etc. to recover pings after the downtime.

    Please keep an eye out here, or join our Discord server at for further information.

  • Investigating

    We are currently investigating issues related to our outage earlier this morning. It appears our database cluster has not recovered properly and as a result some integrations may be missing.

    We are in the processing of confirming if this is the case. If so, we will reset our servers using a backup from before the outage this morning. To do this, we will take Pingcord offline temporarily to carry this out. We plan to do this by 7pm UTC (around 2 hours from this message at 8pm UK time, 3pm ET, 12 noon PT). The downtime will last a few hours but we will try and queue any incoming data and send the pings out afterwards.

    Thank you for your continued patience while we sort out these issues.

Mar 2024

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Feb 2024

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